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Training and Off Season Program


Shutdown Mutiny believes that the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics and football helps develop maturity and self-confidence. We believe that the experiences a player has with Mutiny  will be beneficial throughout his lifetime.

The focus of Mutiny  is the development of the individual player. Our goal is to maximize the development of the individual through programming that challenges each player, a coaching staff that adheres to high standards, and first class facilities. Shutdown Mutiny is resolute in dedicating its time and resources to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of playing football.

Offered Programs

  Trained to Go:
The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game of football in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best football players they can be, while maintaining a healthy approach to competitive football.
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  Mustang Track Club:

The Mustang Track Club serves the Manassas, Culpepper and surrounding areas.
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  Impact Sport 101
 At Impact Sports 101 we place a premium on creating CHAMPIONS with progressive training strategies that deliver results.
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  Team Ascension
 We are taking our 30 plus years experience in the gym business and bringing it to users online!          
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College Prep World prepares high school student-athletes make the transition from high school into college
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If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected].


2018 Season Registration Begins!!!

Posted: June 27,2018
Join us at The Manassas Fairgrounds for early registrations the week of June 27th between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:30pm