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Mutiny Alumni

 Mutiny Alumni isn’t just about celebrating the team or reliving the young glory days of being a Mutiny player or coach it is about mentoring the young Mutiny players and coaches and providing them with them guidance in life and in work. Consider Mutiny Alumni as “a opportunity to share the successes and setbacks of living out your dream" It is also an opportunity to give back to young people and let them know you never get to big to reach back.

Not only does the Mutiny Alumni mentor the younger generation of former players, but we also help with development and inspiration to helping a young boy or girl to reach for the skies and work to live out your dreams. Remember that we all have had someone to come along side and mentor us to get to the next level. Join the Mutiny Alumi in reaching back to help another kid reach their goal.

Here are just a few of our Alumni:
  • Sidney Henry - Battlefield HS / Hampden Sydney College

  • Lucky Whithead - Florida Atlantic/ DALLAS COWBOYS
  • JR Washington - Stonewall HS / Lander Univ (Basketball)
  • Greg Stroman -  Stonewall HS / Va Tech University
  • Quinton Reynolds - Patriot HS / Old Dominion University
  • Ricky Slade - Hylton HS