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The Founders (aka. The Twins)

David and Terry Muse aka, "The Twins" had a vision to bring travel football to the Manassas VA area. For many years they would make the statement to friends, family and several followers , "they have travel baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. in our communities, why not travel football?" The driving factor was to also give our youth the exposure  and experience at the state and national levels, not just locally. Not only did they want the youth to get exposure and experience, but to also compete on and off the football field , through traveling and networking with others to prepare them for the High School and College level. The twins wanted to show our youth that there was life outside of Manassas Va.

The Twins started coaching youth football in the Greater Manassas Football League (GMFL) in the early 90"s. In 2003 the Twins realized their vision of bringing travel football to the local Manassas Va communities.  The first travel football association Northern Virginia Youth Football League was formed and the Manassas Mutiny were born.   

In 2014 the Manassas Mutiny merged with former Atlanta Falcons star Keion Carpenter's Shutdown Academy.  The future of SHUTDOWN MUTINY  is a bright one.  We look to the future where we can continue to inspire the youth and uplift the community through football and  outreach.

See below the coaches that have pave the way. 

The Coaches that have laid the foundation

Anthony Bratton 2003-2005
Torland Greene - 2003-2005
Robbie Hogan - 2003-2004
Carl Colder - 2003-2004

The Coaches that have built on it

Current Coaches

Jwan Banks - 2012- Present
Willie Crenshaw, Jr - 2012- Present

Past Coaches

Jim Phillips -2003- Present
Randy Howard - 2003- Present
Rodney Howard 2003-Present
Bill Capporletti- 2003- Present
Ricky Slade, Sr - 2005- Present
Chris Taylor - 2005 - Present
TJ Washington - 20011- Present
Calvin Myrick - 2003- 20011
Antione Pullium- 2003-2011
Joe Roy - 2003-2005
Carroll Walker- 2005-2009
Joe Walker - 2005-2008
Richie Hernandez - 2012-2014